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2019 Part 1 is available

Parts 2&3 will be available in July

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These products do not qualify for CPE credit

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IRS Enrolled Agent Exam Home Study Course: $300

Pre-publication price: $225

Covers Topics in ALL Three Exam Parts

The four-part course has guidelines for studying the topics for the 3-part exam

All Updated to current law

Condenses over 60 IRS publications and IRS code and regulations

Previous exam questions at the end of each chapter to test you on each topic

Detailed answers teach you to “think” like the IRS

Easy to read text- right at your fingertips

Q&A in Review:

Pre-publication price: $120


(This is a new course, not the same as our previous Review



4 years of IRS EA Exam multiple choice Q & A sorted by topic –
T/F and ambiguous or poorly worded questions have been dropped

All questions are multiple choice or multiple choice with math

Set up under the 3-part guideline

Follows the Home Study Course 3-part chapter by chapter & topic by

All questions and answers updated to current tax law

Meets the IRS/Prometric guidelines for topics for the 2019 exam



Set of both:

IRS Enrolled Agent Exam Home Study Course

Q&A in


IRS Enrolled Agent Exam
Home Study Course by Part:

$100 per part

Pre-publication price: $80 per part

Q&A in Review by Part:


$50 per part

Pre-publication price: $40 per part

Pre-publication special:


1 part of the Home Study Course & 1 part of the Q&A in
Review (your choice)