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Questions You’ve Asked

The SEE (Special Enrollment Exam) will be offered by Parts.
It will be a 3-Part Exam. It will contain 100 multiple choice questions per part. Go to www.prometric.com/irs for
full details of topics covered in exam parts.

Q: What are the IRS requirements for taking the exam?

A: The IRS requires that you be at least 18 years of age, and never have been convicted of a felony. At this time we have not been notified of any other
requirements except the PTIN identification number you must have to apply to take the exam. This number will be used in lieu of a Social Security number in
order to protect your identity.

Q: What should I take with me to the Prometric exam site?

A: You MUST take a picture ID with you. Prometric will provide pencils and scratch paper, and may provide 4 function calculators. A calculator
will be accessible on the exam computer testing site. You cannot bring calculators, study materials, or any other items into the testing area. Lockers
will be provided for personal items. Water will not be allowed by the computers. You cannot log off and log back on to exam part, but will be allowed time to go
to the restroom, the clock keeps ticking. You will have 3.5 hours to complete
each exam part.

Q: How do I apply to take the test?

A: You will need to go to the Thomson Prometric website at
www.prometric.com/irs to apply to take the exam. Form 2587 is available to be filled in as an application to take
the exam by Parts. You will need a PTIN to apply to take the exam. This Preparer Tax id Number can be applied for by contacting the IRS at
www.irs.gov and filling out Form W-7P. Once you have completed the application process, you must go to Step 2 to set up an
appointment to take the exam by Parts. Here you will select Org or Organization for the IRS exam process, and select a specific location, date and time as
available. The first window set up for taking the exam by Parts is October 5th through December 1st. The next open period will be January 2nd through February
28th, 2007. (These sessions will all test on 2005 tax law). Prometric will open up the application process for taking the exam in January/February around the
end of December 2006. The cost to take the exam by Parts will then be $97 per part, for the 2006 testing it is $86 per part. The exam process will reopen on
May 1st, 2007 and continue until February 28th, 2008. (This will test on 2006 tax law). Test results at this time and from then forward will be available
immediately upon completion of the exam part.


Q: Can I take just one part of the exam?

A: Candidates can now take the exam by Parts. There are 3 Parts total to the exam. Once you have achieved a passing score in a Part, that score will remain
in effect for the remaining time to pass the rest of the Parts. You will be given 2 years to pass all 3 Parts. Passing scores are yet to be determined by
the IRS and Prometric. Test results will be forwarded to the candidates sitting for the session in 2006 by sometime in January 2007. Test results from the
testing session in January/February 2007 will be available in March 2007. You cannot retake an exam part until you know your exam results from your first

Q: How much experience should I have before I sit for the exam?

A: We recommend that you have about 2 years experience in preparing taxes, but people learn differently, and some do just fine with little preparation

Q: If I pass the exam when will I receive my Treasury card, and be considered an Enrolled Agent?

A: Once you pass the exam you will receive a Form 23, application to become and Enrolled Agent. The IRS will then do a background check which will include a
review of the past 3 years of your personal tax returns. Once this process is completed you will receive your Treasury card, about June or July of the year
following your test date. After receiving your card you will be considered an EA and will be able to practice before the IRS.